Dharkan Dance Company

Duo Dharkan

IMG_9034Dharkan is a duet of dancers passionate about Kathak dance. The aim of the company Dharkan is to pass on this passion to a novice and / or connoisseur through classical shows, as well as new creations. 

The dancers of the ensemble have many years of Kathak practice and have trained with renowned and recognized Gurus in India. The Kathak school that links them all is the Lucknow Gharana, a school of dance whose style focuses on highlighting the grace and expressiveness of the dancers.

Dharkan designates the heartbeats in Hindi, and it symbolizes the pulsation that Kathak represents for the dancers of the group.

The transmission of their love of Kathak is the main aim of the members of the group, as this classical dance from the north of India flows through their veins and is their raison d’etre. Their ultimate goal as artists is to promote Kathak and to create a craze around this dance still too little known in Europe.

The dancers are Nathalie Massonand Tamara Ott

More info about DDC

More info about Nathalie Masson


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