Tamara Ott An Indian dancer from Geneva

Kathak dancer for many years, I’ve discovered this art at the age of 10. It has been a love at first sight. Trained by Guru Pandit Ravi Shankar Mishra, a famous Kathak exponent, from Banaras Gharana. For the last 3 years, I’m training and performing with Nathalie Masson, a disciple of Sushmita Banerjee, a celebrated Kathak exponent (belonging to the Lucknow Gharana) and expending my Kathak’s repertoire. Together, we are Duo Dharkan. I’ve been also taught by Kavita Takhur, Pali Chandra, Sharmila Sharma, all famous Kathak dancers from Lucknow Gharana. My purpose is to develop my knowledge and to find my own style and body expression through Kathak’s foundations. 

I had the chance to live six months in Varanasi with my Guru where I improved my dance and I had the chance to familiarize myself to the culture and its traditions. Now, I’m travelling regularly to India to improve and develop my movements and knowledge.

Performing as a solo or with Dharkan Compagny, contact me for your events.  



I teach absolute beginners with no experience in the dance, as well as beginner-intermediate level for people who already know basic footwork and hastaks. My purpose is to share this art around Switzerland. 

Contact me to book a class.

Beginner level


Basic footworks & movement

Basic technical composition



Footworks & movement

Technical composition

Introduction of expression

Basic songs


5 commentaires sur “Tamara Ott An Indian dancer from Geneva

  1. Hi, I am interested in trying kathak dance but unfortunately I won’t be in Bern next Sunday. Are there any beginners courses in town? Thanks, Giuliana


    1. Hello Giuliana,

      For now, there is no kathak class in Bern. I’m looking for a dance studio to start giving classes next september. If you’d like to try, I can give you a free trial class at my place or at you place if you prefer. You can text me on 079 429 75 44 to make an appontement. I’d be please to give you a class and to share this art with you 🙂



    1. Hello Dominique,

      During this Summer, I’m giving one-to-one classes. Usually I’m teaching either on Friday morning or beginning of afternoon on Saturday. My dance studio is in the center of Bern. One of these two moments would fit for you? Otherwise we can arrange another time.

      As I’m here in August, we could do a trial lesson during that month. Would it work for you?

      Next September I’ll open a beginner class every Saturday afternoon from 1h30 to 2h45, in Kramgasse. If you want to join this class, e-mail me o.tamaratt@gmail.com.

      Looking forwards to hearing from you soon.



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